• Ötzidorf
  • Kristallwelten
  • Silberbergwerk Schwaz
  • Planetarium Schwaz
The "Ötzidorf" in Umhausen offers the visitor a glimpse into the daily life during the neolithic age. Visitors can take on of the many classes e.g. learn to build a bow, crafting with tools like the people from that era or survival training.
The "Swarovski Kristallwelten" show the breathtaking world of crystals. Children and adults will be fascinated by the beauty and variety of crystals cut there.
The "Silberbergwerk Schwaz" (Silver Mine in Schwaz) invites you to take a look at medieval mining operations. A small train delivers you into the mountains heart to learn more about that time.
In the planetarium's hemisphere, which is outfitted as a cinema, one can experience astonishing movies showing outer space and its phenomenons. The curved screen creates a 3D effect, placing the visitor straight into outer space.